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The Prestonpans Tapestry


21 June – 20 July 2017

The Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry will be on display in the Main Hall of the Scottish Parliament from Wednesday 21 June until Thursday 20 July (closed Sundays). Open between 10am and 5pm, entry is free.

Excerpt from: “The Highlanders line up for battle with the sun rising behind them and some offer a prayer”

The Tapestry is owned and operated by the Battle of Prestonpans (1745) Heritage Trust, and details the events before, during and after the Battle of Prestonpans on 21 September 1745.

Learn about the journey made by Charles Edward Stuart (famously known as Bonnie Prince Charlie) from France through the Scottish Highlands to victory alongside his Highland Jacobite army at the Battle of Prestonpans, depicted in the Tapestry’s 104 individual panels.

Measuring 104 metres and including 10 million stitches, the tapestry is one of the longest in the world. Illustrated and designed by artist Andrew Crummy, who also created The Great Tapestry of Scotland, more than 200 stitchers from across Scotland, France, Australia and the USA volunteered to create the work of art, which took over 25,000 hours to make.

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Free Exhibition

World Press Photo 2017


4 – 26 August 2017

The World Press Photo exhibition returns to the Scottish Parliament this year between Friday 4 August and Saturday 26 August (closed Sundays). Open between 10am and 5pm, entry is free.

One of the World Press Photo winning images of activist Iesha Evans standing her ground against police officers at a rally police violence against black men.

© Jonathan Bachman, Reuters. Title: Taking A Stand In Baton Rouge

The World Press Photo exhibition showcases some of the most moving, challenging and thought provoking images taken over the course of 2016, including Usain Bolt crossing the finish line at the 2016 Rio Olympics; a woman standing her ground at a rally against police violence against black men, outside the Baton Rouge Police Department in Louisiana, USA; and a carpet of monarch butterflies covering the forest floor of El Rosario Butterfly Sanctuary in Michoacán, Mexico, after a snowstorm.

The photo contest attracted entries from 5,034 photographers from 125 countries, telling contemporary stories from categories including Spot News, General News, Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, People, Sports, Nature and Long Term Projects.

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A Parliament for the People

Ceud mìle fàilte. A hundred thousand welcomes.

The Scottish Parliament welcomes visitors from Scotland and across the globe who want to learn about one of the youngest parliaments in the world.

A Parliament for the People is a new exhibition which will introduce you to the role of the Scottish Parliament and the ways in which you can get involved, and give you the opportunity to explore Scotland’s fascinating parliamentary history.

Getting Involved with Your Scottish Parliament

Do you know what powers are devolved to the Scottish Parliament? Discover more about how Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) pass laws on matters which affect the lives of everyone in Scotland. The exhibition will also give you the chance to explore campaigns, petitions and the impact of changing laws on people’s lives through featuring campaign stories of people who have been actively involved with the Scottish Parliament.

The History of the Scottish Parliament

The earliest recorded Parliament took place in 1235, and Scotland continued to have its own Parliament until political union with England in 1707. Use our digital interactive timeline to learn about the Scottish Parliament’s history, from its original development and abolition through to devolution and the creation of the Scottish Parliament we know today.

Learn about the design and architecture of the Scottish Parliament building, including how Scotland’s natural landscape and political values inspired the building’s unusual architecture. You can discover more by booking onto one of our free tours.


The Scottish Parliament recently held #SeeingScotland; an Instagram competition, inspired by the Harry Benson : Seeing America exhibition. The competition looked for the best photos of people and life in modern Scotland and was judged by Harry Benson himself. You can see the winning photo exhibited in the Scottish Parliament Café, and many of the entries showcased in the exhibition.

You can find the exhibition in the Scottish Parliament main hall. It is free to visit: view the Scottish Parliament opening times.

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