Climate Change and Scotland: 2050 Visions

What is it?

To mark Climate Week 2017, we’ll be holding a breakfast event on Tuesday 19 September from 8.30 – 9.30am.

Who’s speaking?

Join us on Facebook and take part as three creative thinkers share their visions of 2050. We’ll be hearing from:

•    Mandy Haggith, writer and environmental activist;
•    Professor Michael Northcott, lecturer in ethics and ecology; 
•    Sarah Knight, on behalf of the 2050 Climate Group.

The chair of the session will be Graeme Dey MSP.

Submit your questions!

Tweet us @ScotParl using the #ScotClimateQs hashtag, or comment on our Facebook live video, and we’ll pick some of the best to put to our panel.

There will be a short time for questions after the speakers, so if you’d like to ask our speakers about their Climate Change visions, what they think could be done to reduce our climate change impact or how Scotland can demonstrate its activities to the rest of the world, send us your questions now!

We’ll be streaming this on our Facebook page, so remember to pay our page a visit at 8.30am on Tuesday 19 September 
The speakers and discussion will start at 8.30am and will finish at 9.30am.