Family Day – Saturday 6 April

Step into the solar wonderland of our huge inflatable planetarium and don’t miss the chance to grill a real-life astronomer about rare asteroid fragments you can actually handle.

Join our panel discussion on the Toxic School Run and discover the hidden pollution of rainwater. Get to grips with the power sources of the future and the anatomy-themed exhibits exploring body fitness. Where else can you build a geodesic dome and dive into a blubber universe of animal fat all in one day?!

End your day on a high by bouncing into space on our energetic space-hoppers or listen to a fascinating talk about the Parliament’s bee-hives and birds of prey.

What’s on offer?

Events are drop-in and don’t require tickets, unless otherwise stated.

Science Festival Busker Bikes (all ages) (10am-4pm)  
Look out for these amazing pedal-power bikes located just outside the Scottish Parliament.

Environmental Scientists and Creative Engineers (all ages) (10am-4pm) 
From discovering hidden pollution in rainwater to building a geodesic dome – this is the event for every budding engineer of the future.

Powering the Future (age 5+) (10am-4pm) 
Get to grips with the energy sources of the future through hands-on exhibits that will make you question how we can be smarter and more efficient with our limited fuels.

Body Vision (age 5+) (10am-4pm) 
If the visceral world of anatomy sparks excitement then this is the hands-on exhibit for you. Discover everything you ever wanted to know about anatomy, from body decomposition to cardiovascular fitness!

Inflatable planetarium (age 5+)
Explore our incredible solar system in this mind-expanding 30-minute presentation that journeys through the night sky from the comfort of Earth.

The inflatable planetarium can accommodate a maximum of 25 people per 30-minute session, with two places used per wheelchair.  Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Sessions will run at the following times:

10.15 to 10.45am 
11 to 11.30am 
11.45pm to 12.15pm 
1.15 to 1.45pm 
2 to 2.30pm 
2.45 to 3.15pm

Ask an astronomer (age 5+) (10am-4pm) 
Meet a real-life astronomer from The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh and find out the answers to every solar and deep-space query you’ve been waiting aeons to ask.

Space-hoppers (all ages) (10am-4pm) 
Unlimited bouncing fun awaits with these retro orange space-hoppers – children-only activity!

Space-themed craft tables and quiet space (all ages) (10am-4pm) 
There will be a quiet space for those who prefer some time out and a separate space-themed craft area for everyone to express their scientific creativity!

Beekeeper and birds of prey (all ages) (10am to 12pm, and 1pm to 3pm)
Learn about the Parliament’s very own bee population and their tasty brand of honey. Meet the graceful birds of prey who swoop and dive around the skyline keeping pigeons at bay.

Scottish Parliament activities (all ages) (10am-4pm) 
Discover the Debating Chamber and find out where the First Minister and other party leaders sit. Learn all about the Scottish Parliament in our fascinating 10-minute talks or chat to our friendly guides dotted about the Parliament building.

The Toxic School Run? Suitable for 14+ (2-3pm)
Join our 60-minute expert panel to discuss what we can all do to mitigate against the air pollution that school children are exposed to daily. Join the debate to find solutions: from no-car zones to low-emission zones to walking and cycling.

Baby-changing facilities and a buggy store are available.

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