Family Days


Join us on an unrivalled adventure in science. Journey through space and discover the marvels of modern science through hands-on activities.  Tour the Universe and explore the wonder of the night sky in an inflatable planetarium and enjoy interactive exhibits – from controlling lightning to seeing through a hole in your hand! You can also meet an astronomer, hold a meteorite, learn more about how Earth and space interact and lots more. 


Step into the solar wonderland of our huge inflatable planetarium and don’t miss the chance to grill a real-life astronomer about rare asteroid fragments you can actually handle.

Join our panel discussion on the Toxic School Run and discover the hidden pollution of rainwater. Get to grips with the power sources of the future and the anatomy-themed exhibits exploring body fitness. Where else can you build a geodesic dome and dive into a blubber universe of animal fat all in one day?!

End your day on a high by bouncing into space on our energetic space-hoppers or listen to a fascinating talk about the Parliament’s bee-hives and birds of prey.

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Take part in the the SCI-FUN Roadshow extravaganza that will enthral and expand minds of all sizes with an encyclopaedic range of hands-on activities from giant optical illusions to spinning chairs and solving crimes.

Find out exactly what constitutes a Makey Makey Kit or discover the secrets of deep-sea coral reefs.

Step into the solar wonderland of a huge inflatable planetarium or join our panel discussion on How To Live Plastic Free.

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